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We know that home EV charging is new to most of our customers. With this in mind, we educate and connect homeowners, flat owners, renters, businesses and charities and landlords with reputable Electric car charger installers in the UK so that you compare costs for electric car charger installation. Our aim is to help the UK achieve our carbon-neutral status... together.

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How do we work?

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Whether you need to install a new charger or upgrade it, we put you in touch with local accredited installers.

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We'll find local EV charger installers in your area. We have access to a number of installers all over the UK - wherever you're based in the UK.

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Get quotes from electric vehicle charger installers in your town or city. Compare quotes and save money.

Unsure of your EV installation options?

Each EV charger quote may be slightly different.  Even if you're just getting an idea of costs at this stage, we can talk you through your project.


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OLEV Grants for Businesses


Claim up to £350 per socket

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OLEV Grants Explained


Claim up to £350 per charger

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Workplace Charging Scheme Grant

workplace charging scheme grant

£350 per socket/ Up to 40 sockets

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Plug in car grants explained

plug in car grants - all you need to know

Click below to learn more

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OLEV grants for flat owners/tenants

olev grants for flats

Up to £350 or 75% of the cost

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Cost to charge an EV at home

cost to charge EV at home

Average £11 - £15 for 13 hour charge

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Cost of EV charger installation

cost to install EV charger

Average is around £1,000

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License needed to drive an EV?

is a license needed to drive an EV

In short, yes.

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Can you charge any EV on a Tesla charger?

can you charge any EV at a Tesla charging station

Mainly yes but some caveats, click below

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Is a hybrid greener than an EV?

which is greener - hybrid or electric?

Fully electric cars are much greener

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OLEV Grants for landlords


Claim up to 350 per charger

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EV Charger Installation Costs

ev charger cost

From: £900

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Expected life of an EV battery

expected life of an EV battery

Approx. 8 years or 100,000 miles

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OLEV grants for landlords

olev grants for landlords

£350 per socket/ Up to £30,000 annually

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OLEV grants for businesses, charities, public sector

olev grants for small businesses, charities, public sector

£350 per socket/ Up to 40 sockets

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EV charge points for home

EV charge points for home

Up to £350 towards your charger install

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UK grants for EVs

UK grants for EVs

£350 for home and up to £30,000 for business

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Do I pay to charge my EV?

do I have to pay to charge my EV?

In short, not always. Click below.

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Can you charge an EV using solar energy?

charging an EV using solar panels

In short, yes. Click below

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About Our EV Charger Installation Quotes

EV chargers are now a must-have for thousands of homes and business owners looking for efficient, cost-effective charging solutions for hybrid and electric cars and vehicles.

However, like any relatively new service, it can be difficult to understand what you should be paying, what types of chargers you should go for, and whether you are eligible for grants or discounts that can make the project more affordable.

Our 100% free, no-obligation quotation service helps you connect with local contractors and specialist installers, compare direct pricing and make informed choices about which professional is right for you.

We also offer a library of EV charger information with tips and advice about picking the right electric charging stations, choosing the correct wattage, and the different levels of home EV chargers you should know.

Our EV Charger Costs Service

Each firm or contractor within our nationwide network is vetted and verified and must meet our professional standards before we suggest their services to our users.

We do not provide installation services ourselves and act as an independent directory to ensure consumers get the best possible deal. We only work with properly experienced, qualified companies.

The service is free and couldn't be easier to use:

  • Let us know what sort of project you have in mind – whether that’s fitting a brand-new charger at your property or replacing an outdated charging station.
  • Tell us your area so we can match your requirements with approved local contractors within your region.
  • We connect you with Bark installers so you can gather pricing estimates or quotes from each suitable provider and can compare the costs and breakdowns of the work at your leisure.

It is entirely up to you whether you decide to move ahead or keep the quotation information for future reference! We often hear from people looking to upgrade to an electric or hybrid vehicle and needing a clear idea of the total costs involved – our service is a perfect way to find out!

You can use the service as many times and as often as you wish, comparing different types of chargers, different size charging stations or different installation options to ensure you make informed, confident decisions.

Types of EV Charger Cost Quotations

If you are new to the world of electric vehicles, you may be surprised to learn that there are multiple types of chargers, depending on the car, your property and the electricity supply available.

When you request a new price estimate, you can enter any information you wish to be included, such as the style, placement or size of the EV charger you require. Alternatively, you can specify your vehicle and leave it to the professionals to recommend the most appropriate EV charging unit.

EV Charge Costs offers quotations for:

  • Homeowners across the UK
  • Level two and three EV chargers
  • 500 KW EV chargers
  • Solar panel EV charging stations
  • Commercial EV chargers
  • EV charger servicing
  • Upgrades to existing EV chargers
  • Replacements and repairs

You can also explore the options in terms of battery life cycles, average servicing costs, and running costs per mile if you are still determining whether an eco-friendly vehicle is the best option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find a series of FAQs addressing some of the most common questions we receive from our visitors about how our service works and the process of fitting an EV charger at their property.

Why Pay to Install an EV Charger at My Home?

The growing interest in electric and hybrid vehicles has meant that you can often find EV chargers at service stations, petrol stations and shopping centres – but if your car needs several hours to reach a full charge, this is far from ideal!

Most people who drive electric cars prefer a charging station at home, often fitted inside a garage or alongside a driveway, to ensure they can charge the vehicle overnight without any inconvenience.

There are roughly 30,000 UK EV charge points, but these vary in speed, with a proportion providing slow charges that are unsuitable if you are in a hurry. Paying for a third-party fast charging station is also usually far more expensive than charging your car at home!

What Qualifications Should I Look for From an EV Charger Installer?

EV chargers are electrical devices and should only be fitted by properly qualified electricians or contractors with the appropriate certification. Most insurers require EV charge installations at a private home to be carried out by a professional with an Electric Installation Certificate (EIC).

Some firms also provide EV charge installations with certification from a competent electrician to check all the connections and components are safe.

Do I Need Planning Permission to Install an EV Charge?

Planning rules vary between regions, but normally you wouldn’t need formal approval to fit a wall-mounted EV charger. If the charger is going to be installed on a wall where you park off the street, it is on private property, and planning rules don't generally apply.

However, if you wanted to install an EV charger elsewhere, your local planning office might need to approve this, so it’s worth verifying before you go ahead.

Can I Charge an Electric Vehicle from a Standard Plug Socket?

In a pinch, you might get away with charging your electric car from a 13-amp plug – but it is not recommended unless in an emergency.

The power flow to an electric vehicle battery is much larger than a standard home appliance, and the car will take several hours to charge, if at all.

An EV charger is a far better solution and will ensure your car is charged faster, more efficiently, and at a lower cost.

Can I Fit an EV Charger Myself?

No – handling electrical currents without the right expertise or training is extremely dangerous and could even be fatal.

Unless you are a qualified electrician, you should never attempt to install an EV charger anywhere on your property.

What Does it Cost to Charge an EV Away from Home?

Exact pricing varies, but most supermarkets will charge different rates for fast and slow EV charging. For example, you might pay £0.28 per kWh for a slow 7kW connection and up to £0.50 per kWh for a speedy 50 kW rapid charger.

In contrast, most homeowners pay around £0.19 per kWh for a home charger, so the cost saving is significant and will increase over time.